Win in Asia by establishing the foundation for sustainable growth



1 month

The Market Assessment is to evaluate:
• Market priorities based on your development in Europe and the US
• The market dynamic and potential with you on the ground
• The distribution channel strategy for each market (direct/indirect)
• Early market feedback from key prospects and establish a list of targets for the roadshow



4 months

The Road Show is either conducted in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan to validate:
• Your value proposition, the on-boarding process, the sales cycle, average selling price
• The team (in addition to the core Fast-Track team) for the target markets
• The opportunity to explore a closer relationship via an “equity for scale up” structure




Given the results of the Road Show, three different types of partnership structures could be explored with the goal of maintaining aligned interests:
1 - Low touch entry: Target 1 country, see how the market develops before investing meaningful resources. Fast-Track offers consulting services based on retainer and sales commissions. Minimum 6 month engagement.
2 - Controlled entry strategy: Target 1-2 countries, Company is willing to invest money and resources but requires Fast-Track for specific objectives. Fast-Track offers consulting services based on a retainer and sales commission with an equity component. Minimum 12 months engagement.
3 - Scale up / acceleration: Company seeks rapid roll-out and targets minimum market share in Asia within 2-3 years. Fast Track helps set up, finances and operates the APAC subsidiary for about 3 years. If pre-agreed milestones are achieved, Fast-Track can swap shares in the Apac subsidiary for cash or shares in the Parent company at the Parent company’s discretion. Minimum 2-3 years engagement.

Case studies