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UNRULY objective was to launch operations in Asia whilst maintaining their focus in Europe and ramping up their US operations.

UNRULY gained trust in our ability to accelerate revenues when we signed a 6 months pilot in September 2013, which targeted USD300k in revenues and ended up delivering USD500k in 4 months.

They liked our full alignment: we were willing to invest our own money to finance the operations of the Asian subsidiary. They also valued our robust corporate governance model which provided a fair system of checks and balances with UNRULY owning a simple majority in the Asian subsidiary.
We started
 operations in April 2014 with the first office in Singapore. Within 3 years, we had 65 employees across 4 offices and Asia was representing about USD20m in revenues. Effectively, we had helped them fulfil their 5-year plan in 3



In Autumn 2015, Unruly was acquired by NewsCorp for about USD176mf and Fast-Track swapped its shares in UNRULY ASIA for shares in UNRULY Group.
We continued to support UNRULY with their Asian expansion for another year after the acquisition.



Scott Button & Sarah Wood

CEO & Co-founder, COO & Co-founder

“You've both been fantastic partners of Unruly, and the APAC business is going from strenght to strenght, so i'm really pleased that we've been able to realize value for you so quickly”