18 years of track record in Asia


Our vision

Fast-Track partners with like minded founders to win in Asia


Our values

We believe sharing common values with our partners is the basis for optimal and quick decision making as well as generating the best possible outcomes.

• We are in it for the long term
• Trust, Humility and consideration
• Over-deliver - always
• Authentic, agile & fun !
• Leave the ego at home (if you have one).



We have developed tools that are the foundation of sustained growth for our partners. FastTrack’s go-to-market strategies greatly and positively impact their growth curves in Asia, and our key account strategies help accelerate their development with brands in Asia.



Our team has successfully added a range of industry leaders to our network across Asia to accelerate the adoption of new solutions locally or regionally. Apart from our own teams in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Sydney and Tokyo, we also have experienced advisers in Thailand and The Philippines.



Over the past 18 years, FastTrack has become the trusted advisor of a wide range of brands willing to test innovative solutions and scale these solutions across business units and across countries in Asia. Our excellent reputation in Asia also attracts a growing number of high-potential western startups with values similar to ours. As we have scaled up different startups in Asia, demonstrated our ability to understand the nuances of what it takes to shape and adapt our partners’ values locally whilst keeping their core values intact.



None of this would have been possible without our core team; we continue to attract people who share our core values and demonstrate not only their capabilities to scale-up companies across Asia but also show through their attitude and full commitment to our culture.

Why Singapore ?

Singapore benefits from excellent connectivity, a strategic location and consistently tops World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business. The city-state of Singapore provides the most conducive environment for companies looking to expand in the region thanks to low corporate tax rates, integrity, quality, reliability, high productivity, rule of law, availability of skilled manpower, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. It is also the regional headquarter of a lot of FMCG brands like P&G, Unilever, Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Clarins, Danone.

Why Japan ?

Japan is the third largest advertising market in the world with leading brands globally managed out of Tokyo such as Toyota, Panasonic, SONY, Canon, Shiseido, SK-II, Suntory, Uniqlo, Tokyo Marine.

It is possible to setup a business entity in Japan in just 14 days and successful business in Japan can generate a significant proportion of global profits within 3 to 5 years. While Japan does have a well established domestic market in many sectors, there is an exoticness and status associated with Western brands that drives Japanese consumer demand for Western products and services. Patience, integrity, respect for business customs and a long term view to business success are the main ingredients to succeed in Japan.

Why Australia ?

Australia’s consistent 27-years- growth makes it one of the safest places in the world to do business. You can set up a local entity in a matter of weeks and leverage the highly educated, entrepreneurial minded and multicultural workforce to drive innovation and growth. Australia is also an early adopter of disruptive technologies and a good test market for leading advertisers and technology companies from the “Share a Coke” global campaign to Google Maps and Spotify Skipping Ads. Loyalty and honest relationships are key to developing a long term business in Australia.